We are Red Balloon Theatre Collective (RBTC) a female lead ensemble of movers and shakers. We wanted to create something, so here we are, about to tell you about it--

We collaborate. We get together constantly to make art and create things. We try, and fail, and then try again. After one specific collaboration intensive, when one of our RBTC ensemble members brought a certain play to our attention, we were bitten by a need to create this.

We feel. Each of us has different life experiences and different emotional processes, but something we have always sought to do is be vulnerable and honest with each other (even from day one).

We are producing 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane this June. We are coming from a place of honesty and respect. We aim to contrast the stigma of mental illness through this collaborative artistic process. We're dedicated to amplifying stories and experiences that are often silenced. 

Here's a little about 4.48 Psychosis:

Sarah Kane wrote this play. She wrote this from a place of candid honesty within her own suicidal depression. She wanted to shed light on the dark areas of her own psyche. She very much wanted this story to be produced and brought to life, even if she didn't always want to live.

Her brother, Simon Kane, said "In practically every way you look at 4.48, she’s blurring boundaries. That kind of uncertainty is part of what it’s about.” It was crucial to Kane to show depression with all the accuracy she could summon, Simon adds "mental illness is so often sentimentalized, or portrayed as madness – I hate that word. Sarah wanted to convey that while it may be pathological, it isn’t necessarily illogical".

We're here to bring the heart of those words into our production.

Mental illness is different for everyone, and manifests differently. It isn't pretty, it isn't tidy, it isn't streamlined, and it doesn't always make sense. This text talks frankly about what it feels to be suicidally depressed. There are points where you can't tell what's real and what's in the mind. It's important for our ensemble to hear those ideals, the intention behind her words, and the state she wrote them in.