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June 8th - 10th, 2018

 7:30 pm

- Shout House -

 210 SE Madison, Ste 11 | Portland, OR 97214

4.48 Psychosis isn’t here to sugar coat mental illness for the masses. It’s here to shed some light on the realities of the thoughts we’re told to keep to ourselves. Without indications of characters or gender, this text is a sort of 'blank canvas' with a lot to say. In fact, it candidly shares a lot about what it’s like to live within suicidal depression.

At its root, so much of Sarah Kane’s work is about love, and ultimately questioning if it can survive the seemingly impossible situations that she creates. 4.48 Psychosis is no different. This show asks us to gaze unflinchingly at the human psyche in all of its messy and complex facets. It questions the realities of what happens amidst a breakdown. 

Coming from a place of empathy and personal understanding, our ensemble takes this play’s candid poetry and toes the line of reality. Three women each juggle their own journeys of human experience to remind us that there is no wrong way to struggle and no single way to keep afloat. 

***CONTENT WARNING: the subject matter of this play deals directly and heavily with mental illness and suicide. There is dialogue about self harm, alcohol and drug abuse, various acts of suicide, body dysmorphia, violent actions, swearing, and other adult themes.