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To Cope - VERB

Oxford Dictionary

  • (of a person) deal effectively with something difficult.

  • (of a machine or system) have the capacity to deal successfully with.


Middle English (in the sense ‘meet in battle, come to blows’): from Old French coper, colper, from cop, colp ‘a blow’, via Latin from Greek kolaphos ‘blow with the fist’.

Four young women. Four acts of resilience. Four isolated fixtures, floating alone in space…. or are they?

Join RBTC as they workshop an exploration of


In partnership with Shaking The Tree Theatre and their Open Space residency.

december 19th – 21st, 2018

7:30 pm

shaking the tree theatre

823 SE Grant st | portland, or 97214

Through movement, voice recordings, and mixed-media, THE WAYS WE COPE will create an unconventional experience on themes of coping, teaching, space, solitude, hope, and pure resilience.

The RBTC ensemble will use this phenomenal opportunity to devise a ~35 min performance piece to workshop with our audience in December of 2018. The goal of this workshop and collaboration is to create the beginnings of a full production with the intention of submitting it to run in Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival within a year.

The core of our company’s mission is to continually choose vulnerability (or as we affectionally call it— to ‘stay soft’) and encourage a dialogue between artist and audience alike. By utilizing our resources and maintaining our stasis of empathy, we’re excited to have you be a part of the creation of THE WAYS WE COPE.